Treat yourself and your loved ones with something special. We invite you to taste traditional Slovak cuisine in modern style. Slovak cuisine is hearty with strong rural roots. It‘s past was mainly influenced by Hungarian and Austrian cuisine.

At the Motela Skalka restaurant we also offer a wide range of international dishes. Can‘t you imagine morning without breakfast? Done! Come and recharge your energy with a hearty sweet or savory breakfast creation, which is available daily until 10:00 am. Staff in our restaurant is always ready to brew fresh cup of espresso, cappucino and other coffee specialties out of the finely roasted world-class quality coffee beans .

During lunchtime or dinnertime, we serve fresh soups, main courses and delicious dessert which will satisfy your taste buds. You can enjoy a variety of seasonal specialties at the chef's recommendation. During the spring months you will not be able to resist the excellent bryndza halušky with roasted bacon and spring onions. We use a selection sheep bryndza(local sheep cheese) from a local chalet. On hot summer days, you can enjoy light and fresh salads. Perfect addition to the autumn weather is the aroma of roasted goose / duck in indispensable combination with cabbage, lokša (kind of pancake) or homemade dumplings. On the daily menu you can find excellent baked pork knee, fish, steaks, homemade American potatoes and much more. We choose carefully from high quality ingredients and fresh supplies delivered eiher by our suppliers or directly growing in our own garden. Our chefs will prepare your meals in a way which will not only satisfy the choosy tongue, but also please your eyes. Your senses will be satisfied by fresh homemade pancakes, strudel or other desserts according to the our daily offer. You can enjoy this sweet treat on our summer terrace together with the smell of genuine Italian coffee. Good Slovak wine and spirits will highlight the taste of your meal. We recomend you to try homemade lemonades and ice tea which are great choice during hot summer days. In the winter months, zou can warm up with a hot cup of tea made of fresh herbs and honey. We did not forget about the smallest children and we have carefully choose the children's menu. Even vegetarians will not starve in our restaurant. Our vegetarianian dishes will surely attrack their attention.