Relax & sport


Relax after a busy day in our relax zone. Bubbles in a pleasant hot tub will bring relief and gentle massage to your body. High-quality body and mind regeneration, accompanied by many benefits will be provided by a Finnish sauna. You can cool down in the pool filled with ice water or relax on the deckchairs with soft blankets. A beautiful natural scenery awaits you on your a walk around the pond.

Tips for excursions

Motela Skalka is situated in advantageous geographical location surrounded by pure nature which offers our visitors many unique opportunities for spending their free time all year round. Experience great cycling in Kysuce, which is suitable for all age cathegories. The local green cycling circuit in the vicinity of the village Rudina will take you across  surrounding villages. Cycling route Krásno nad Kysucou - Vychylovka has an asphalt surface on its entire length. This route belongs  among the easier, undemanding cycling routes. This route offers unforgettable experiences, fun and beautiful nature.

In Vychylovka you can visit the Open Air Museum, where you can find typical Slovak dwellings. At the same time, you can get take a ride on the Historical Logging Switchback Railway, which runs on the Kysucko-Orava railway. In Stará Bystrica, you should definitely stop by at the Slovak Astronomical Clock. It is one of the youngest and most prestigious astronomers around the world and it is considered to be the largest wooden statue in Slovakia.

A large part of the Kysuce district is covered by a forest, which is predominantly compoused of coniferous trees. Kysuce can offer countless number of hiking routes  for both biginners or more experienced tourists. Do not miss out on wonderful views, the scent of fresh grass or the sound of a strand. You will find unforgettable views from Kysuce lookouts, e.g. on the top of hill Tabor above Kysuckým Nové Mesto (697 m above sea level), on the tourist sightseeing Veľká Rača in Oščadnica village (1 236 m) and on the lookout at Bobovec hill in the village Stará Bystrica (723 m above sea level).